Philosophy of Runes : A Way towards the Wisdom...


Why to learn runes philosophy ?

Those, who want to work on runes, must absolutely have to know the symbolism of these. To learn by rote the meaning of runes will not be enough for understanding their profound message. It is necessary to meditate each of it, to integrate their wisdom and their knowledge to appropriate it; it is only at this price that runes will deliver you their secrets whether it is for the divination or the magic.

An amazing Wisdom message...

The runic alphabet or Futhark is used as much for the divination as the magic. However runes are not only that, it carry within them an extraordinary wisdom, a deep philosophic message. It express perfectly the states of consciousness of human race, and her spiritual relations which this one can have with the gods, her and her kind. The twenty five runes tell us the story of the Human race and each of us, let us listen to what runes have to told us...

At the beginning appears the FEHU rune which is the Spark of Life that set off fire the universe to give birth to it and begin the cycle. FEHU, represents Frey the god of the fertility. It invites us to become aware that in our deep being, lives the paramount source of energy and urges us to know us better.

However FEHU, alone, would be useless without URUZ, the second rune, which is the receptacle of FEHU. This second rune is the symbol of the wild instinctive and powerful buffalo. But URUZ is not only that, it is also as the womb of the mother that FEHU is seeding with its Spark of Life. URUZ is the potential energy which waits for an impulse to liven up and spread the life over the world. This rune is an invitation to discover that huge capacities sleep within our souls and that it is incumbent upon us to discover them and to use them.

THURISAZ arises from the union of FEHU and URUZ. This rune represents a primary and instinctive life. THURISAZ is like the Mjöllnir, the hammer's Thor, the god of thunder, THURISAZ is the life's thorn that stimulates and brings slowly to the consciousness. Every wound when tackling ourself in the life's thorns, awakens and increases our experience.

Embodying by ANSUZ appears then Odin. Master of Supreme Wisdom, Odin, the respectable father of all the gods is the one who sacrificed himself twice to acquire the Absolute Knowledge. Odin is the creator of the first human beings and breathed the Spirit into them. Ask and Embla, the man and the woman, knowing the Spirit become then conscious beings, able to amount to the spiritual world. ANSUZ embodies this Consciousness.

RAIDHO rune represents the movement which provides this recently acquired consciousness. This movement is an impetus, a progress towards the Wisdom and the revealed Truths which are codified with Rules and Laws. RAIDHO teaches us that the experiences acquisition will have value only if these are transformed into rules of life and daily applied.

KENAZ, the sixth rune, represents the mastered fire. The development of creativity which results from the discipline of RAIDHO. KENAZ, the flame of the smith, is the fire which transforms and creates thanks to the skills of the craftsman. It is also the inspiration of the poet and the artist. KENAZ advises us to master our energy and to develop our faculties by concrete creations.

GEBO is the rune which symbolizes the sharing. Cross shaped, it evokes the interaction of two energies. With GEBO, the man offers his creations what gives them a sense. By giving, man feels the harmony inside a group (WUNJO) whether it is the family, the clan, etc. The individual by making donation, is recognized and integrated into the clan what leads enjoyment.

However having experimented the sharing and the social life, the man discovers his Ego in a sudden moment of introspection. A crisis in the HAGALAZ's aett, takes place then. This rune encourages the explorer to know oneself better, and to be more tuned to his own wishes. What sometimes has the effect of bringing this one to go against the grain of the society and to provoke unpredictable events that some are going to attribute to the fate (Wyrd) and that the others are going to attribute to the dissonances existing between the individual and the outside.

An existential crisis has to lead the man or the woman who undergoes it, to accept the dissonances existing between the spiritual needs and the material needs ( NAUDHIZ). Strike a balance to create a harmony with the world and oneself. This Middle Way is discovered with ISA, the rune of the ice, of the concentration and introspection. To find his(her) unity and value what makes of each of us unique beings.

The man or the woman reinstates, by reconstituting his(her) Ego, the natural cycle of life. The twelfth rune JERA represents this cycle. JERA evokes the seasons, the harvests, it is the reward which comes after efforts. Man will have to learn to know and to master these cycles if he wishes to blossom, because if the stability of these cycles can be reassuring, it can seem to be a real stranglehold for the man who is longing for freedom.

With EIHWAZ comes the rune of death. Made up of a double hook, the thirteenth rune unites Sky with Earth. It is the Yggdrasil, the big tree where Odin hung himself and drilled his flank to discover the secret of runes. EIHWAZ represents the initiatory death, it is by the transformation that the evolution can come true. Breaking with the rhythm of JERA, EIHWAZ leads the way towards another level of experience and consciousness. This rune teaches that it is necessary to accept the change to be able to discover new horizons.

Then PERTHRO comes with whom the man wonders about his fate which he is at the root of it, because of the law of cause and effect. This rune symbolizes the hidden knowledge, the discovery of the Fate by divination.

ELHAZ teaches us that the real fate of the man is the world of the soul, the spiritual way. Also difficult and painful as can be this path , nothing must to divert the researcher of his quest. ELHAZ is also the rune of the protection because the one who discovered the way of the Truth acquires the support of the Gods.

In the Light's quest, the researcher reaches SOWILO, the sun's rune, the source of Life. Having reached this important goal, the researcher finds then the harmony between the Sky and the Earth, the material and the spiritual, he can merge into the divine. Get loose from any things which can hinder his(her) spiritual rise, and consider any things in relation to the fixed goals; Such is the SOWILO's message to the Light researchers.

The Light reached, the man found his divine origin. Holder of this Knowledge, he has to act as a Wise Man. This is what symbolizes TIWAZ by its shape of arrow rising towards the sky. TIWAZ, the God of war, the righteous and brave God who sacrificed his hand to imprison the gigantic wolf Fenrir, son of Loki. Honor and tenacity are the essentials virtues to assume this new Knowledge. Acting with willingness but without tyranny, acting with Wisdom to transform this Knowledge in tangible reality, such is the advices of TIWAZ.

This stage crossed, the new initiate has to come back to earth to born a second time. BERKANO, the birth's rune, invites the enlightened to go back to the earth life but with his new knowledge. Life and death are two processes that the wise person has understood and accepted. Only change is immutable, with it all things change to infinity. What is important, is to exercise the creative power that all of us holds because this power is a divine attribute.

Returned to the earth life, the initiate swings back and forth between the Earth and the Sky. This duality is expressed by EHWAZ, the unruly horse which it is necessary to tame. The initiate must recognize and identify this opposition which urges this one to discover, to investigate, to look for harmony within his own duality.

MANNAZ informs us that the harmony is finally discovered. Finally, the opposites become complementary giving rise to the Cosmic Man to the humanity.

However the perfection's quest is endless. LOGR teach us that the "bridge-man" between the Sky and the Earth is only one stage and that it is necessary to pursue the evolution after MANNAZ. The rune LOGR also symbolizes the water, the vital flow containing the potential of evolution, a wave to which it is sometimes necessary to let oneself go at the risk of drowning oneself into it.

Then comes INGWAZ representing the Egg, the vital flow in gestation, creator of LOGR concentrated and ready to take form. INGWAZ is also the rune of the organisation, the coherence. The achievement is almost ended.

The last birth of the initiate is symbolized by DAGAZ which is this ultimate hatching. The DAGAZ rune is also the dawn, a magic moment of balance between day and night, two axes which suggest the balance of the opposites. The initiate wakes up after a long sleep, gestation mentioned by Ingwaz. at this stage, the initiate prepares to reap the benefit of the gained.

The term of the initiatory journey finally arrives, it appears with OTHALA, symbol of the inheritance and of the acquired knowledge. The initiate became the owner of all whom he discovered during his pathway. The closed square of this rune evokes the well preserved knowledge and the opened angle indicates that the initiate remains however open to the world, sharing his knowledge and making one's contribution to the spiritual building of the human race. OTHALA is also associated with the past, with the ancestors. It reminds us that it is necessary to take account of all past experiences to improve oneself because the present is the consequence of the past acts and the future is the consequence of the present acts.

From there, WYRD, the twenty fifth rune intervenes, it is the fate which acting unexpectedly, can upset the life. WYRD is the consequence of our acts or the intervention of the gods. To the enlightened to adapt himself, to tame it or possibly to turn it into an ally...