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Magie de la rune Fehu ou Feoh FEHU or feoh

Talisman : To succeed a project or a deal, to bring you a material success. However with Fehu it is necessary knowing to give and to receive. The idle money can only "die".

  • Strengthen the psychic powers.
  • Increases the personal fortune
  • Attract to oneself the solar, lunar and stellar power
  • Allows the personal and social fulfillment.
  • Favor the projection of power or the transfer.
  • Accompany the desire of having child

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Magie de la rune URUZ ou Our URUZ or Our

Talisman : Give the strength, the determination and the courage to create or to undertake. Overtake one's limits. Accept with enjoyment of new responsibilities. Positive power, this rune is to use for the cure.

  • Develop the inspiration and the will of creation
  • Cure and/or preserve a good health as physical as mental
  • Favor favorable circumstances
  • Infer the telluric currents
  • Realize the effects of a cause.
  • Know and understand

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Magie de la rune THURISAZ ou Thorn THURISAZ or Thorn

Talisman : To get ready for an exam or an important appointment and restore energy and vigour. To face the unconscious brutality.

  • Allow the relaxation
  • Destroy and/or curse his(her) enemies
  • warming up before to engender something
  • Know the unity or the division of any thing.
  • Give power, success and courage. Acts in the sense of divine justice
  • Amplify the virile strength
  • Practise the sexual magic

WARNING ! This rune used for bad purposes (dark magic) can engender a boomerang effect. If however you decide to use it in these purposes, perhaps the Isa rune may hedge yourself...

Know however that if you practise a harmful dark magic, the boomerang effect will be inevitable, it will not necessarily be steered against you but it can turn around against those that you love.

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Magie de la rune ANSUZ ou Os ANSUZ or Os

Talisman : To avert the spell, to call upon a protection. To have the good reflection before acting. To be able to order people, the elements and other things.

  • Increases the magic powers, the mediumship, the clear-sightedness, etc.
  • Develop the charisma
  • Develop the magnetism and the power of suggestion
  • Allows to acquire the inspiration
  • Overcome one's fears.
  • Overcome the fear of dying by Odin's knowledge

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Magie de la rune RAIDHO ou Radh RAIDHO or Radh

Talisman : To protect oneself during the travels, follow the good road and more generally favor the evolution of the being. Help to control the situations, to manage the magic energies. Strengthen the will.

  • Strengthen the powers
  • Reach one's self guide
  • Practise the justice in a aware way
  • Agree oneself in the individual and cosmic rhythms
  • Obtain justice if we are in our right

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Magie de la rune KENAZ ou Ken KENAZ or Ken

Talisman : To improve the health. To obtain the creative inspiration, obtain the advice of your internal guide. Learn the occult sciences. Enlighten what is hidden. Control and manipulate the energies to a certain extent. Rune used in magic also for its amplifiantes properties.

  • Increase the capacities in all domains.
  • Develop the inspiration
  • Develop the concentration
  • Make healing or recovery
  • Develop the love (quite particularly the sexual side)
  • Develop creativity and self-control.

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Magie de la rune GEBO ou Gyfu GEBO or Gyfu

Talisman : Reconcile the opposites. To balance any union (sentimental or professional). Serving to bind persons between them, but for it, Gebo should not be drawn as a cross but as an overall of both signs > and < to symbolize the link between two equal persons.

Gebo, written in the same way but vertically, means the link between the middle world named Midgard (the world of the human beings), and the other worlds, either Asgard or Utgard.

  • Develop the sexual magic
  • Engender an union
  • Increases the magic powers
  • Generate the harmony in sibships and lovers
  • Acquire Wisdom

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Magie de la rune WUNJO ou Wynn WUNJO or Wynn

Talisman : To restore the harmony. Being in agreement with oneself. Balance the tempestuous relations in the couple or tighten the links. Realize wishes and obtain help to take a direction in one's life. Realize earnings. Use Wunjo with Raidho strengthens its power.

  • Strengthen the links
  • To call upon the harmony.
  • To chase away the discords
  • Bring enjoyment and well-being.
  • Concretize the connections

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Magie de la rune HAGALAZ ou Hoegl HAGALAZ or Hoegl

Talisman : For all which is irrational, occult, or if you scent about some spirit. Used negatively, this rune creates confusion, helps for the astral attacks or to invade the dreams of others. To call upon Wyrd and/or return the past against somebody.

  • Protect
  • Allows the balance and the fulfillment of the power
  • Develop knowledge and the mystic experiences
  • Allows to operate evolution and transformation

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Magie de la rune NAUDHIZ ou Nyd NAUDHIZ or Nyd

Talisman : For all which concerns the introspection. In defense to restrict or to force the magic attacks. To slow down, delay, hamper somebody or something. In binding runes to stop any future action. To throw curses.

  • To bring under control the distress
  • Increase the magic will.
  • Develop the spiritual powers
  • Resist to the envoutements
  • Stimulate the inspiration
  • Eliminate hatred and conflict.
  • Create a need of order
  • Recognize one's needs
  • To protect
  • To obtain a lover ( sexual magic)
  • To use divination

Rather negative, it is advised to avoid the use of this rune. If nevertheless you are forced to use it, take your precautions and use it with the biggest caution...

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Magie de la rune ISA ou Is ISA or Is

Talisman : Defensive rune, similar to NAUDHIZ. Block the actions of your opponents. To calm the nervousness and to control useless use up of energy. Improve the concentration. Calm the obsessions.

  • Develop the concentration and the will
  • Annihilate, stop any unwanted forces
  • Be able to control and/or to coerce beings

It is possible that by using Isa, for the runic magic, we have the impression that things evolve slowly. In reality, they evolve much more in depth...

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Magie de la rune JERA ou Gér JERA or Gér

Tasliman : To acquire patience. Find ideas. To attract positive changes, fertility, growth. It helps to pass through a difficult stage of a project.

  • Develop fertility, creativity
  • Bring peace and harmony.
  • Illuminate, enlighten

Useless to try to use Jera to fight against the normal course of things, this rune will serve on the contrary to stress what has to arrive logically, or to accelerate a process.

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Magie de la rune EIHWAZ ou Eoh EIHWAZ or Eoh

Talisman : For a better communication with the beyond or his(her) internal guide. As protection during the practice of occults sciences. To use for situations which require dynamism and for shaman trips. Rune of protection and defense.

  • Initiate oneself about the wisdom of the tree of the world (Yggdrasil)
  • Understand the mystery of life and death
  • Release oneself from the fear of dying
  • Develop spiritual stamina and a powerful will
  • Develop spiritual creativity and clairvoyance.
  • To protection to the harmful forces.
  • Increase the personal power.
  • Communicate with the beyond

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Magie de la rune PERTHRO ou Peorth PERTHRO or Peorth

Talisman : To give birth serenely. For all which concerns the evolution or the transformation of the being.

  • Practise the divination (help to the work with the Norns)
  • Position the runic forces in adequacy with the law of the Norns.
  • Transform an idea or an event into a magic act.

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Magie de la rune ELHAZ ou Eolh ELHAZ or Eolh

Talisman : To avert the evil spell. To call upon a protection. For a good reflection before acting

Call upon divine protection : Put them in the 4 cardinal points. Sign of protection. Inverted, in a circle, it means the peace.

  • Protect and defend
  • Communicate in a mystic way with perceptible beings (animals, etc.)
  • Communicate with the other worlds of the beyond
  • Strengthen magic power and luck
  • Strengthen the vital force

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Magie de la rune SOWILO ou Sigil SOWILO ou Sigil

Talisman : To acquire and channel a real power of action. For the teachers. For the union of the masculine and the feminine. Rune of the victory.

  • Strengthen the psychic centers
  • Increase the spiritual will
  • To Guide on the path towards the Illumination.
  • Guarantee victory thanks to your own will.

Sowilo allows to increase the power of cure of Uruz.

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Magie de la rune TIWAZ ou Tyr TIWAZ or Tyr

Talisman : To use before an event such as a competition. To win in the field of the justice if you are honest. To have success. Increase fertility and virility power.

  • Obtain successes or victories if you are right.
  • Assert the spiritual will
  • Develop the power of self-sacrifice
  • To develop the faith whether it is in the magic and/or in the religion

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Magie de la rune BERKANO ou Beorc BERKANO or Beorc

Talisman : For the childbirth and its consequences. For any creation still in gestation. To ease the female problems.

  • Be spiritually reborn
  • Increase the power of the secret
  • Hide and protect
  • To bind and maintain the other powers together
  • Bring to maturation, the ideas by a creative process.

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Magie de la rune EHWAZ ou Eh EHWAZ or Eh

Talisman : To throw outside oneself any magic fluids. Create a tie with a man, or separate him from his partner or from oneself. For the adaptation to a change.

  • Facilitate the astral trips
  • to get trust and loyalty
  • Develop the gift of prediction
  • Throw his(her) magic power

This rune can be used when we know exactly what we want and we shall go up to the end of our wish.

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Magie de la rune MANNAZ ou Mann MANNAZ or Mann

Talisman : For the success of the altruistic actions. Develop the sense of the argument and the philosophy.

  • Realize that there is a divine structure in the human being.
  • Increase the powers of the intelligence, the memory and globally of the spirit.
  • Balance the opposite facets of the personality
  • Open the third eye (hugauga in the Scandinavian tradition)

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Magie de la rune LOGR ou Laguz LOGR or Laguz

Talisman : To heal, eliminate blockings. To increase the vitality. To favor the inspiration.

  • Guide through the initiatory tests
  • Increase vitality and vital force
  • Provide the magic power
  • Increase the magnetism
  • Develop the gift of clairvoyance

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Magie de la rune INGWAZ ou Ing INGWAZ or Ing

Talisman : To concentrate energy before the action. For the meditation. To protect from the outside, or to lock something with the aim of protecting it from the outside, for example: imprison something fatal or dangerous to make it harmless.

  • Store and transform the magic power for a later ritual use
  • Guarantee the success in the rites of fertility
  • Favor the meditation, the concentration of thought and energy
  • To free the energy in a sudden way
  • Protect the home

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Magie de la rune DAGAZ ou Daeg DAGAZ or Daeg

Talisman : To establish durably the prosperity. To be proved right. Prevent evil spirits from bothering us and prevent them to overstay in our home. Rune of the paradox.

  • To reach the mystic Light and its understanding by uncovering the secret of the odinic paradox.
  • Receive the gift of Odin
  • Transform something into its opposite, thanks to the energy of activation of Jera

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Magie de la rune OTHALA ou Odal OTHALA or Odal

Le talisman : To consolidate or to build a family. To favor an inheritance. Favor the workgroup.

  • Maintain order and harmony among his own.
  • Collect the power and the knowledge of the ancestors
  • Acquire wealth and prosperity

Othala can serve also to store magic energies, in its square top. This energy will be freed for a later use thanks to its both bottom arms.