Meaning of the rune Hagalaz or Hoegl


























Meaning of the Rune Hagalaz or Hoegl

  • Divinity : Heimdal *
  • Letter : H
  • Symbol : hailstone
  • Element : Air
  • Tree : The Oak, the Yew ( Taxus baccata )
  • Plant : Bryony ( Bryonia alba )
  • Stone : Celestina, rock crystal
  • Color : Light Blue, white
  • Animal : The Beaver

Hagalaz, the ninth rune of the Elder Futhark, is the first rune of the second aett. Being the ninth rune, it represents for the ancient norrois the sacred number. Indeed, the number nine represents the power of " 3x3 ", the nine worlds distributed on Yggdrasil in three levels :

  1. Ásgard, the realm of Ases
  2. Vanaheim, the realm of Vanes
  3. Ljösalfheim, the realm of the Elfs
  4. Midgard, the world of the humans
  5. Jötunheim, the realm of the giants
  6. Svartalfheim, the realm of the dwarfs
  7. Niflheim, the realm of mists and ice
  8. Muspellheim, the world of the fire, guarded by the giant Surt
  9. Helheim, the realm of deaths

Hagalaz is frozen and biting, quite as both runes following, all three winter partners. Translated in the literal sense, Hagalaz means "hailstone". It is the transformed water of its liquid state to solid in a few moments. It is the violence of the hail that beats down on the harvests and the houses. The damage done, the hailstone becomes again water, hence the idea of transformation we have to remember. For example the snow changes the landscape then comes the thaw, the set changes one more time.

Hagalaz is the rune of the unconscious where the thoughts are conceived. It is one of the most important runes of Örlog, laws of the existence that some people call Karma which builds the present on the past events. Hagalaz allows the humans reaching the past still acting energies to the present, and offers them the power to evolve positively in their own existence.

Hagalaz obliges to shape us on solid bases as the foundations of a building. As the hailstone, Hagalaz can beat down on us at any time and may melt in the sun so that everything restarts again. This rune sometimes requires to revise our plans completely. It is also the seed or the egg from all the beings originate.

Divinatory value : Bad news. It is important to revise completely your plans or to form yourself because all could be destroyed if you're doing things too quickly.

Spiritual value : Hagalaz is the rune of the air, because quite as the fate, she can be a soft breeze one moment then a violent wind the following moment. The researcher has to become aware of forces managing his fate to realize that he is a tiny entity within a macroscopic universe and how he has to play his part within it.

Physiological value : Acts on nerves, urinary way, loins, skeleton . Hagalaz activates the pineal gland and the solar plexus.

Wisdom guidance : " Know yourself ! Some events are there to bring you towards this knowledge. So struggle and follow your true nature ! Sometimes it requires to go against the grain of your acquaintances or peoples."

* Heimdal :The Guardian of the Gods, Heimdall guards the bridge named Bifrost which connects Asgard to the others realms