How to make your own runes and purify them...



You are tried to make yourself your own runes rather than to buy them? Here is how to make. You will see it's dead easy... Do it yourself !


Materials and equipments necessary for the manufacturing

What you need :

  1. 24 or 25 stones (round smooth pebble, pieces of slates...) or pieces of wood, with the exception of the wood of yew (Taxus baccata) symbol of death, an about identical size. Why 24 or 25 stones? Simply if you wish to use, or not, the white rune named Wyrd.
  2. A bag which will contain your runes. It can be in fabric or leather according to your taste.
  3. A lace to close the bag
  4. A felt-tip or some red paint, symbol of blood.
  5. A little incenses, rather some incense to be burned on some coal rather than sticks of too often poor quality incense...


How to make your runes...

You have chosen your material. Round smooth pebble or wood, it is up to you to choose, however think of choosing a rather resistant material if you wish to keep your runes for a long time. That is why, I prefer round smooth pebbles for the manufacturing of mine.

Now it is necessary to you to engrave and/or to paint the symbols of each rune. You can make a little point to identify easily if your runes are in positive position or the opposite during your divinatory spreadings.

Feoh Ansuz Rune

Purification of runes

Once your work was ended, you have only to purify your runes by crossing them in the smoke of incense and to recite this prayer to high and understandable voice :

" O Wise and powerful Odin! Lord of the North wind,

Teach me the Wisdom and the Secret of Runes !

I have listening the whisper of your ravens,

Reached my ears by the rustle of the Wind.

Reveal me the Mystery of your Runes ! "


Tidy up now your runes in the bag and close it with the lace.

Your runes are ready!