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 Fehu Fehu

Meaning : The beginning, the prosperity, the money, the abundance, the promotion, the satisfaction of the physical and monetary needs, the divination, the prediction, the health, the fertility, the energy, the goal.

Right Side : Fulfillment of desire or the wishes, the financial success, the inheritance.

Reversed : Reduction in resources or in finances to be planned, breakup of a love affair.

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Uruz Uruz

This rune can indicate any forms of helps we can meet, positive circumstances which improve the situation. It can be also the gestation before the birth of something.

Meaning : Transformation, vital force, resistance, passion, tenacity, freedom, health, vitality, instincts, sexuality, fertility, the conscious, the primitive thoughts, the irrationel, shaman experiences, understanding, wisdom.

Right Side : After big efforts, possibility of professional or other promotion. It is important to develop strength, energy, stamina.

Reversed : Progress and promotion missed. It is necessary to develop your stamina for the next opportunity.

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Thurisaz Thurisaz

This rune represents the potential of strength of the rune's consultant so much in attack as defense. Thurisaz is the thorn of life that can also represent a confrontation with something strong and violent.

Meaning : Painful situation, poverty, discipline, introspection.

Right Side : A dilemma should arrive. You will have to take an important decision. Think well before acting. Look out ! protect yourself !

Reversed : For any action taken without reflection, you will have a high price to pay and you will regret it! Do not take of hasty decisions.

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Ansuz Ansuz

Meaning : Leader, knowledge, authoritarian person, synthesis, inspiration, balance of the body and the spirit, justice, the shaman, signs, vision, good intuition.

Right Side : Help needed, to request advice of elders, authority, apprenticeship, investigation. An older or more authoritarian person will donate you the wisdom.

Reversed : A business journey could go wrong. An old person will look for your help at the moment does not suit to you.

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Raidho Raidho

This rune calls the idea of a journey, a progress. It can evoke another arbitration, a situation in relation with justice.

Meaning : Journeys, movement, change, communication, progress, arbitration, rationality, rite, magic, fate, lessons of life bear its fruits

Right Side : A journey is envisaged, it can be as much physical as moral. Visit of the family or of the friends. Communication with someone far away. Planning of a journey.

Reversed : Cancellation of journey, newsof a person who is not estimated or unexpected, the communications are broken, the expected news does not come in, the expected changes do not happen.

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Kenaz Kauno

This rune indicates high capacities to manipulate the energies whether it is on the material plan (like the craftsmen), mental (for example an engineer), astral (shaman), social (policy) or still spiritual. The talents are already acquired or about to be acquired.

Meaning : Power, solutions to troubles, the inspiration, the creativity, the capacity, the transformation.

Right Side : Opportunities, very favorable circumstances.
Relationship : good business relationships which will bring success, a couple will solve thier problems, the end of a quarrel between two friends.
In love affair : Mutual love.
material issues : Being altruist will allow to receive a lot of happiness.

Reversed : Does not know how to take advantage of his(her) lucky star. Can also symbolize the loss of a friend or a contract you really care about.

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Gebo Gebo

This rune symbolizes the donation, the hospitality. The donation gives a sense to all that we produce. Help to the unfortunates.

Meaning : useful relation, love, marriage, union, generosity, unexpected luck, presents, blessings, honor, sexual magic, sacrifice, birth of a child.

Right side or Reversed : This rune is always a good prediction.

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Wunjo Wunjo

It is the rune of happiness, of Brotherhood, of well-being. We are integrated, we find our place in society or in a community, etc.

Meaning : The objectives are reached, harmony, prosperity, joy of living, success, satisfaction, secret knowledge.

Right Side : Happiness, satisfaction, the peace, the pleasure.

Reversed : A third person is implicated. An emotional issue, a love triangle.

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Hagalaz Hagalaz

This rune indicates the crisis of introspections all along our life. Taking stock

Meaning : Destruction, adversity, accident, sudden loss, bankruptcy, collapse, hard temptation to resist, abrupt change.

Right side or Reversed : Unexpected changes, breakup, crisis, obstacle, danger, death.

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Naudhiz Naudhiz

This rune represents the situations where we have no control of the events, the impression to be subjected to a lack of free will.

Meaning : Warning, constraint, obstacles, frustration, resistance, need, poverty, responsibility, separation, self-confidence, to receive help to divination.

Right Side : Difficulties are looming on the horizon.

Reversed : Abstain from participating in a risky adventure.

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Isa Isa

Meaning : Blocking, stagnation, patience, unity, inactivity, rest, concentration, self-control, vision.

Right side or Reversed : Bite the bullet and try nothing, wait that things evolve of themselves.

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Jera Jera

It is the rune of the rewards, one reaps what one sows. After the ordeals comes the success.

Meaning : Good harvests, reward, positive result, time of peace and happiness, change, cycle, productivity, opportunity.

Right side or Reversed : The recognition so waited finally comes. We receive some money, ancient debtors pays off you. It can have a relation with the law, the judicial system.

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Eihwaz Ihwaz

It is the rune of the questionings, the reversals of situation, the passage, the death and the initiatory progress.

Meaning : Slackening, defense, protection, stamina, initiation.

Right side or Reversed : Change, flip-flop, turnaround, transformation, the end.

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Perthro Pertho

With this rune the fate is revealed, perthro leads us towards a deep knowledge of oneself.

Meaning : Evolutionary changes, divine influence, luck, predictions, initiation, mystery, secret, magic, fertility, sexuality, to determine the road, knowledge of future.

Right Side : A hidden secret will be revealed soon. A help in the form of money or of information will come to us.

Reversed : Disappointment, false information.

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Elhaz Elhaz

Meaning : Protection, divine connection, awakening, guide, help, support, cooperation.

Right Side : Solutions arrive. The borrowed way is good.

Reversed : A warning, to think of protecting oneself. Do not leave the situation or others people having influence on yourself.

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Sowilo Sowilo

Clean up your living conditions, you have to free oneself to reach the understanding and/or the illumination, such is the message of this rune.

Meaning : Power, successes, reached goals, knowledge of oneself, hope, energy is positive, activity, fertility, health.

Right side or Reversed : Success, good time is planned, to take care of one's health.

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Tiwaz Tiwaz

With this rune the will has to exercise its power without tyranie. It is also valid to become a good head of the family or other thing for taking responsibilities or still meeting a protector.

Meaning : Discipline, rationality, justice, warrior, self sacrifice.

Right Side : Positive results, a love affair.

Reversed : Pay attention on the opposite sex which could not be as well passionate as you expect it. A friend could interfere in the situation. It is possible that an affair will go wrong because you did not pay all your attention or your energy there.

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Berkano Berkanan

This rune symbolizes the creativity but also what we have to accept because things are transformed and nothing is unchanging.

Meaning : The obstacles and the barriers disappear, revival, growth, liberation, celebration, fertility, health, birth.

Right Side : Family celebration or birth of a child in the family. Marriage for oneself or somebody of close relation.

Reversed : Problems of pregnancy or couple. Family problems, concerning his(her) brothers and sisters either of a child.

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Ehwaz Ehwaz

Meaning : Journey, communication, movement, teamwork, harmony, confidence, loyalty, a perfectly matched couple, marriage.

Right Side : A positive change. A promotion. Follow your heart and your dreams to find the happiness. You are on the right way. Change of residence and/or job.

Reversed : Distrust about not concluded agreements. A journey beyond the seas.

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Mannaz Mannaz

Meaning : Wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, memory, school, positive feelings, brotherhood, humanity, solidarity, collaboration, harmony, balance, overcoming of the hostilities and the obstacles.

Right Side : Success and profits in the relational domains.

Reversed : Stay away from the situations where there is no profit for you.

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Logr Laguz

This rune learns us to let oneself go to good things of life with the aim of being brought to change our existence or to be creative.

Meaning : Vital power, medicine man power, intuition, irrationality, creation, sensualism, sea.

Right Side : It is necessary to know how to be listening to oneself and pay attention on one's feelings. A woman could be involved. A luck of improving obtained thanks to your intelligence. A woman could wonder to know if she is pregnant.

Reversed : Don't staying cooped up at home, go out and meet others is necessary. Let oneself go to pleasure of life is essential.

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Ingwaz Ingwaz

This rune indicates us a gestation, projects are under active consideration. It can also mean a turning inwards.

Meaning : Latent energy, gestation, magic power, feminine sexual sacred power, fertility, prosperity.

Right side or Reversed : Profits, bargains, success in fertility, new changes, new plans, new cycles.

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Dagaz Dagaz

This rune indicates that the past is completed, we go toward something new, we shall collect the profits of our past experiences.

Meaning : the wishes become true, the prosperity, the happiness, the success, the fulfillment, the hope, the satisfaction.

Right side or Reversed : There is light at the end of the tunnel ! A solution to all the problems is going to come. Significant changes.

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Othala Othila

It is the rune of the fate and the protection

Meaning : Abundance, inheritance, spiritual journey or simply a journey, property, heritage, family, ancestors.

Right Side : Monetary earnings (gifts, inheritance, presents). Possibility of losing something at the same time.

Reversed : Loss of money, adversity, accident, damage, something hinders the obtaining of what is due.

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Wyrd Wyrd or The Blank (not really a rune)

This rune is the joker of the divination by runes. It strengthens or weakens the predictions of the other runes which surrounds it. Wyrd can also augur an inevitable or unexpected event.