Bind rune : Runes & Magic power - Talisman and amulet


To increase the power of runes, we are going to combine them by two, or more, to create a magic symbol. This method, called BindRunes, is mainly designed to reach a precise purpose.

Bind Runes combine their magic powers. That is why use several runes together allows to increase considerably the magic power to obtain the wished effect.

Except opposite precision, all the bind runes are bound in their right or positive position.

We shall see here bindrunes of which sequences use the Elder Futhark and that of Northumbrian Futhark.














Some advices before practising the runic magic

Respect your own mind. Nobody except yourself can say to you what you should think or doing.

If you give up your critical capacities, you won't be in position to practise effectively the magic any more, this magic is runic or not.

The magic is done with the will, the thought and the consciousness. If the words and the behaviour are not in harmony, any magic power will be powerless and will have no effect.


Here is, in an animated gif , an example of creation for a protection talisman with bind runes for the travels :

+ + + +


How to bind runes ?

Why to have chosen these runes to protect for example car journeys ?

Magic values

Kenaz : Enlighten what is hidden. Develop the concentration. Increase the capacities in all domains.
Useful to remain concentrated and to see better the obstacles which could appear.

Raidho : To protect oneself during the travels. Help to control the situations.
It is the rune of the travels, we can not do without it... ;-)

Eihwaz : Rune of protection and defense
Rune of protection and defense. No comment, isn't it ?

Ehwaz : Develop the gift of prediction. For the adaptation to a change.
On the road an unforeseen hindrance can appear at any time, it is necessary to face this situation. And if in addition we can augur this obstacle...

Ansuz : To have the good reflection before acting. To call upon a protection.
Protection and reflection before acting because it is always better to have the good reflexes...

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Some example of bind Runes

Here is some example of bind runes but nothing prevents you from creating your own associations. However you will always must be aware of your activities.

" As long as you're harming nobody. Do what you want! " A wise adage which everyone should respect...

  • Fehu + Uruz = healing power
  • Fehu + Ansuz et/ou Erda = To bring the abundance
  • Uruz + Ul = powerful healing
  • Uruz + Raidho = Strength and capacity to realize necessary transformations
  • Uruz + Ziu = Power and success in the magic action
  • Uruz OPPOSITE + Ehwaz ou Logr = Help to avoid fatal circumstances
  • Thurisaz + Eihwaz ou Ehwaz= Powerful protection
  • Thurisaz OPPOSITE + Raidho = Control the will
  • Ansuz + Perthro = Discover the hidden things
  • Ansuz + Mannaz = To bring the wisdom
  • Ansuz + Logr = Success in the studies
  • Raidho + Kenaz = Develop the power of creativity
  • Raidho + Tiwaz = To win in a trial (if your cause is just)
  • Raidho + Uruz = Protection during the journeys
  • Kenaz + Sol = Bring to the Illumination
  • Kenaz + Othala OPPOSITE = To hinder the actions of somebody (example: to help to stop smoking)
  • Gebo + Wunjo = To bring delight
  • Wunjo + Kenaz ou Ziu = Help for any kind of creative work
  • Hagalaz + Raidho = To send back the evil eye towards the sender (boomerang effect)
  • Hagalaz + Kenaz = Increase fertility
  • Hagalaz + Perthro = To win some money by other way that the work
  • Jera + Perthro = Increase the chances of earnings
  • Jera + Sol = Help the convalescence
  • Eihwaz + Thurisaz = Protect oneself against the magic powers
  • Elhaz + Thurisaz = Protect against the nuisances
  • Elhaz + Sowilo = Avoid that the personal problems get the upper hand over our life
  • Elhaz + Wolfsangel = Create a barrier of protection
  • Sowilo + Raidho ou Logr = Events accelerator
  • Sowilo + Tiwaz = Amplify his(her) energy
  • Sowilo + Eihwaz = protection
  • Sowilo + Dagaz = Restore the balance, finish with a nervous breakdown.
  • Sowilo + Ul = Be cured and recover quickly
  • Tiwaz + Perthro = Arouse sexual attraction
  • Tiwaz + Mannaz OPPOSITE = Have the upper hand over an opponent in a fight
  • Berkano + Erda = Fertility and abundance
  • Ehwaz + Raidho = Good conditions to travel
  • Ehwaz + Ingwaz = extend the life expectancy
  • Ehwaz + Logr = Provoke a breakup
  • Mannaz + Ansuz = Receive knowledge and wisdom
  • Mannaz + Logr = Strengthen the intellect
  • Logr + Ansuz = Success in the studies
  • Logr + Tiwaz = enforce her rights (for women)
  • Ingwaz + Ehwaz = longevity
  • Ingwaz + Dagaz = Longevity and duration
  • Othala + Dagaz = Increase charisma
  • Hagalaz + Othala OPPOSITE = To slow down or to stop a process
  • Dagaz + Fehu = Increase the wealth
  • Ansuz + Uruz = Increase the magic capacities
  • Ansuz + Wunjo = Give inspiration for the writing
  • Ansuz + Perthro = To discover hidden things
  • Ansuz + Mannaz = To bring wisdom
  • Ansuz + Logr = Give some eloquence
  • Yr + Gebo = To get happiness in marriage
  • Wolfsangel + Stan = Trapping